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Priceline and Expedia are both horrible now

Posted by FatWallet 306 days ago USA Travel Deals
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Back in the old days, Expediawas excellent, Travelocitywas excellent, Pricelinewas good and Orbitzwas decent.Nowadays due to mergers and acquisitions, these firms are horrible. Incompetent and corrupt players. They make money by huge change fees, avoiding payment to airlines and hotels, making false claims on hotel quality, being low in the queue for rental car and more. Complaints seem to be constant and not favorable in any way.I used to find Kayak best for domestic pricing straight from airlines. Now the fares are showing up mostly directed fo their partners who are all of low quality.Google flights and ITA matrix are still good and Hipmunk seems to be good as well. Tried a new one highly rated on app store but it was all quotes from low grade sellers. Very misleading. Airlines seem to be best way to book tickets depending on what airline you prefer based on choice. These days sticking to an alliance or preferred airline better than before though I am sure people have highly rated local consolidator / agents they know and trust since the trust level on online ones is poor and I don't know of any good online ones at the moment. American Airlines owned Travelocityand now its fares are essentially on its own website and internal systems. I don't believe their fares are even on search sites anymore but there could be a small few.Momondo also has fares from lower grade online firms. Published fares seem to require airline websites more than ever while unpublished requires a quality consolidator agent who is preferably local and someone with recommendation and you trust.
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